Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CDC and Nasty [GER] to Play Indiana w/ Blood In Blood Out and Others

Pennsylvania Hardcore tyrants CDC will be touring with the German Beatdown group Nasty and making a stop in La Porte, Indiana on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The Midwest Hardcore heavyweights Blood In Blood Out will also be throwing down, along with the other IN locals All These Years and Nothing, and Life After Death. The venue is a small shit hole bar that loves rowdy-ass hardcore shows; The Coyote Bar, located at 517 Tipton Street, La Porte, Indiana. The Doors will open at 7:30, the show starts at 8:00, and the cover is $8.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ALL TO HELL - "Hardcore for Life"

Before it was just about being heavy and slamming harder than the last band, hardcore was about energy - and ALL TO HELL is hands down one of the most energetic bands in the Midwest. Spitting defiance, fueling stage dives and fast as circle pits; the sheer intensity of this band drives you to your limits and pushes the boundaries of punk and hardcore. They always deliver to the fullest. These guys rule.

"I'm an animal, I can't be denied. I'm an animal, I'll take what's mine!"

Originally released 01 January 2010
Thrashdad Records

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Sick NW Indiana Shows Coming Up in June, 2013

An all ages show in Chesterton, IN on June 8th, 2013 with Beresith, All These Years and Nothing, Dirt Eater, Knee Deep In The Dead, and Dogma:

The almighty Thrash/Stoner goliath LORD CENTIPEDE is coming from Michigan to fuck shit up in La Porte, IN with Beresith, Shut The Fuck Up, and Dogma on June 15th, 2013:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New BERESITH music video - "The Beers"

Imagine Alfred Hitchock's movie "Thee Birds", twisted with the Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead", both wasted off of beer! This video is a really shitty B attempt at this concept. It still rules and is hilarious. Check it out:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dead Mics: NW Indiana Hip-Hop - "Nothing Left To Sell"

Plenty of hip-hop artists or rappers talk about being from the streets and how that plays into their personification of being "hard" or being street smart even if they are not, *cough* Ja Rule *cough*. In all reality, when someone actually does rise from the grime of the streets, these people do not usually waste their time bitching about being hard, but they instead talk about real street issues, like women and how high the cost of living is, as the track "White Eagle" so brilliantly explains. That track illustrates so well what it is like for real musicians and real fans to come together to build a thriving scene. In a time where it is so easy to get caught in the facade of what the music world is like, it is refreshing to hear Dead Mics talk about going to local shows, playing local shows, and chillin' with the locals. So many rappers today follow the cookie-cutter guidelines of what rap "is supposed to be", that no one really wants to tell the game to go fuck itself in order to do what they want. Dead Mics does not rent cars for a fake ass album cover, he does not borrow jewelry for shows, and he does not talk about being rap-jaded. Dead Mics speaks the real. He talks about NOT having cars, jewelry and how he is damn near anti-jaded. Now that is what the real streets are saying. What a better way to change things up, hell, Dead Mics does not even have hooks for most of the songs. He does not have to because the shit flows so well. That is because it is real. Real talk. This album is whats up in NWI hip-hop.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Stealin' The Farm Discography Now Available for Free Download/Stream via UCR

Stealin' The Farm is NW Indiana's premier Funk/Country Jam band. How on Earth these guys pull off jamming Funk and Country together is beyond me, but they do, and it is bad ass. Starting off with a good selection of Grateful Dead cover, Stealin' has been rockin' the region since 2007. Over the Past few years, the band has been dialing in their massive live sound as well as finding and developing one hell of a groove. Whether you have stepped outside, or are inside with a brew in your hand, if you are not bobbing your head to full blown sounds of Stealin' The Farm, you're a punk ass.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Blood In Blood Out - "Respect Our Loyalty" - Midwest Hardcore

"Respect Our Loyalty" is the hardcore album that sounds like, and says, everything that so many bands have tried to imitate since its release in 2005. This album shows Blood In Blood Out at its best. Don't get me wrong, every track on the first album, "No One Conquers Who Doesn't Fight", is killer. But This album wields a much more matured, and harder hitting sound than BIBO has ever done before it. The title track, "Respect Our Loyalty", hits fast, and hits hard as hell. The lyrical theme, as well as the music, displays a powerful level of aggression that demands attention. "So fuck you. Never once did you care. It makes me sick because that's all that I did was care 'cause this is all that I got. And I never turned my fucking back." One cannot help but to remain enthralled in the sheer intensity of this song. This is probably why so many hardcore bands have tried to find theirs by ripping this one off. "Alone" quickly follows-up with just as much anger and force. The lyrics depict what it is like to live a life without someone who was once so close. "A life without you. Without you all I think about is the end, and nothing more. A life without you." The music is perfectly fitting with the anger and the frustration illustrated by the lyrics. "This Fight We Fought" is about not backing down. It is about not putting up with bullshit by taking a stand. "You come around and we should just bow but we won't so fuck you." As per usual of BIBO, this song is hard as fuck. The rest of the album is damn near just as intense as these first three songs; with dive-bombs, d-beats, and a good balance of enlightenment and hatred. The lyrics of "Who Crowned You King" justify this balance: "We both know, in this scene - Negativity gets us nowhere." Still, there is a reason why the band usually only plays the first three songs from this album live. The whole thing STILL rules, and will still continue to rule as it is "THE" classic example of what makes Midwest Hardcore the most rowdy and loyal family of scumbags, ever. To finish, a quote from the title track:

"There's others like us out in the world that don't fit in but continue on. We're not the toughest, we don't claim to be, but we've got loyalty."

released 01 January 2005
Spook City Records

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Miami Florida Sludge Kings: FLOOR - S/T - Review/ Download

In 2002 the heaviest band to hit the face of the planet since Sabbath, Floor, unleashed their self-titled album FLOOR. This seismic behemoth is a timeless legend in the world of Sludge. The album begins with "Scimitar". With no hesitation, the song jumps right into the ultra heavy free-fall that is the FLOOR tone. If you have not heard this band before, the FLOOR tone is one that elicits a trans that should be illegal it slams so hard. Riff by riff, the album trudges along with all of its doom and glory through tracks like "Return to Zero" and "Downed Star". Finally, the slack tuning destruction of "Night Full of Kicks" emerges. This song sets the pace for the direction of the rest of the album. As the album creeps towards the top of this Goliath mound of doom that is has formed around your head, we are presented with "Figured Out". This song acts as a necessary prerequisite to the best track on the album which is grounds enough to make it the second best song. "Tales of Lolita" is the heaviest most melodic single song, ever. You cannot listen to this track enough. You cannot listen to this album enough. This shit is too fucking heavy. Finally, when the last track "Song" presses through, and the final destruction offered by the slack gripped artillery of the guitar makes you realize it is time to stop, you start the album over and begin again.

It is with great honor and excitement that Under City Records be allowed to continue the legacy and help others fall straight through the FLOOR.

Thanks Anthony.

Floor is a sludge/doom metal band from Miama, Florida formed in 1992

Monday, February 25, 2013


Here are some general links to absorb all that is Under City Records:

BOOKING: email info@undercityrecords.com
PHONE: Taylor Patz - 219.877.4743


Other stuff:

Beresith (Indiana Death Metal)
Shut The Fuck Up (Indiana Hardcore)
All These Years and Nothing (Indiana Punk)
Jesus Chrystler (Indiana Doom/Stoner)
Thrasher Mag
RT News

Friday, February 22, 2013

All These Years and Nothing! - S/T Album Review

If you ever step foot into the Midwest music scene at all, you are bound to run into a familiar face or two. This is because the real Midwest scene only exists because of these few familiar faces. The times may have changed, but the faces have only aged. Band in and band out, the NWI has seen many changes but a few solid chords still get struck right when it matters. These are not just your average punk-ass chords, these are the go-fuck-yourself riffs of All These Years and Nothing. If you took all of the lyrics that Right Arm Death Threat never wrote, and all of the energy that Nowhere Bound had, and all the bands that these guys were a part of since that time, and then ashed your cigarette out on that, you would wind up with this bad ass, eleven-track punk album that finally decided to show its worthy face. Do not think of this as a re-hashing of any of those old bands or a redundant example of what has already been done. But if you do like OFF, Pennywise, Dillenger Four, and old Offspring, this one is for you. This is the time to turn a new page and to keep the hearts pumping. With tracks like "PC Load Letter", you are ensured by the lyrics that there is more to come: "Forget today. Forget this day. Tomorrow needs to get here so I can breathe. Fuck today!" Track number 10, Fly-Over States, could have been released as a single and it would have earned just as much attention as the whole album. Acting almost as an Ode to the Midwest and how, to a nation, the region can appear to be of little significance. I mean seriously, what good ever came out of Indiana? The final lines of the song sum it up:

"We don't care what is said. We follow no leaders cause we set our own trends. We're still here. We are always here."

Beresith Interview with Louder Than Hell

Louder Than Hell is an online news and review website for metalheads and they just recently cranked out a one-on-one with Taylor from Beresith.

"What's the most brutal place you can think of? It is probably not Michigan City, Indiana. However, the raging monstrosity known as Beresith causes this midwestern US city to be much more brutal than one might expect. The band has been ripping it up around the local scene and has now released its crushing debut, Lurker, on the indie imprint Under City Records. Taylor Patz tears drums apart with his powerful hammering and supplies growls for the group. Here, the skin assailant speaks to Louder Than Hell about what it's like for a band to singlehandedly deprave Normaltown U.S.A."

Read the full interview here.

Walk A Mile: Creek-Side Kill-Core

Remember when metalcore was good? No?! Well we do, and this band is a prime example of that nostalgic endeavor. Walk A Mile, a now defunct metalcore band from Trail Creek, Indiana, allowed us to host their kick-ass three-song demo from 2004. This band wasn't another run of the mill generic like the huge majority that made up their genre, these guys were good musicians and they knew good music. No whiny vocals parts, no emo guitar riffs, no bullshit like that. Walk A Mile played good melodic metal with tasteful breakdowns that were not easy to forget, not because they were cliché, but because the were NOT. At the formation, the band was inspired by an array of bands ranging from Propagandhi, down to Nehemiah and Coma Eternal. As the band grew, they definitely took on their own sound as they built the era of WAM. These guys did Indiana proud, especially on this last demo. Do not let the negative connotations that are normally associated with the word "demo" keep you from trying this one on, the recording quality is as awesome as the music is!

Black The Sky: Peoria's Murder Militia

The death metal marauders of Peoria, Illinois' Black The Sky have been long time friends with UCR. After the band split in 2009, they decided to let us help the legacy live on. Coming from Dying Fetus and Suffocation-eske influences, but still leaving that homegrown after taste, Black The Sky took an old school sound and revived the youth of the death metal scene. With a screaming crowd and pile ups that the hit the ceiling, if you ever saw the band play live, it was very clear that they knew how to get everyone's blood flowing, if not totally spilling. The guitar riffs had a good balance of choppy and melodic parts that stalked lyrics that sound like they were written by Harmony Corrine. Upon reading the words to some of the songs, or even the song titles, it is apparent that at least one member of the band has seen a snuff film or two. It is very easy for bands of this genre to have ultra-shitty sounding recording quality, but Black The Sky delivers with a super clear and damn heavy album all around.

Listen to the entire Under City Records discography on thewebsite.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mere Phantoms Album Now Out for Free Through UCR

Northwest PA three-piece grime grind MERE PHANTOMS is fast, loud, heavy, and has a lot of good shit to say. Their album is now available for free through Under City Records.