Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beresith Reveals Two Tracks from New Album

Beresith's first album "Lurker" is set to be released late 2012, until then, two new songs have been released on BandCamp and YouTube.

"Ghetto Machete" is the first track on the album, and a hell of a song to start with at that. The track jumps right into a no bullshit death metal riff that stabs right through the dual wielding vocals. The solid mix of death metal and black metal elements do no tire as the song leads to a dramatic and dissonant almost-doom-metal ending. For a running time of 2:35, "Ghetto Machete" manages to sever every limb first time through.

"Manifest Blasphemy" is the last and eighth track on the album, and certainly does not disappoint. Recuperating from where the title track, "Lurker", leaves off, "Manifest Blasphemy" builds tension as haunting black metal blasts lead into multiple purely devastating death metal riffs. To top it off, the song, and damn near the entire album, reaches terminal velocity as both guitars split up to form a melodic chain of chords that explode into the heaviest of all riffs on the album. Check em' both out for yourself and stay posted for the release date, to which the album will be for sale on CD and available for free download in its entirety via Under City Records.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Under City Records' Videos


Here are some all of the official Beresith videos, as well as fan videos:

"Beer I Sip" - The Evil Beers. MMXIII
"Void" & "Lurker" and friends, live at the album release show. MMXII

Beresith playing live on the North Side of the Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse. MMXI

"Beresith" S/T demo. MMX

"Lurker" in Michigan City . MMXI

"Seven" in Michigan City.