Saturday, December 22, 2012

Under City Records Expands Free Digital Distribution Catalog

The mission of Under City Records is to make all good music as easily available as possible for all means of personal music consumption. That is, whether you prefer a gatefold double LP, good ol' fashioned CD's, YouTube videos, internet radio, or downloading digital music, you should be able to get what you need. Continuously recognizing and addressing new channels of music distribution and listening platforms, the goal is to deliver good music into the ears of as many good people as possible.

It is simply to embrace the idea of digital music piracy. Aware that millions of songs have been downloaded "illegally", we want to establish a legitimate way to keep the massive free market inertia rolling. Picture this; there is this guy (or gal) who downloads entire discographies of bands that they had never heard of just to see if they like the music. Say this person likes the music they downloaded, and they then go on to buy one of the artist's albums on vinyl, or on CD, or on iTunes, and maybe they even go to see the band live at a show or at a concert. Maybe this person now listens to these newly heard of artists on a regular basis on their iPod or on an internet radio account such as Pandora or Spotify. As for the bands that this person did not like, the music was simply deleted; no harm no foul. If the "illegegally" downloaded songs intrigued the person enough to cause them to see the band perform live, and that band just so happened to put on the most amazing live performance that this person had ever experienced, then that band just earned themselves a supportive life-long fan all because of "illegal" file sharing. Recognizing that different people listen to music in different ways and that the degree to which each person is involved with the music can differ drastically, we believe that free music will undoubtedly still remain as one of the best marketing tools to gain bands exposure and to potentially create supportive fans. Even if some people only download the music and never support the band, chances are they would not have been the kind of people who buy a vinyl, CD, or digital download as their first listen for a band anyway. Regardless of listeners supporting the acts or not, the bands are still reaching more ears and given more chances of creating fans through the free music model than if we all of the music was kept reserved only for those willing to pay.

Under City Records has and will continue to allow all music to be downloaded for free in an effort to get the bands heard by as many people as possible. The label's entire discography can be found on our website. With that in mind, we are constantly presenting new additions to the UCR free online digital distribution catalog.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beresith's Debut Album "Lurker" is Now Available on CD and for Free Download.

The debut album from the Indiana death metal menaces of BERESITH is now available on compact disk, as well as available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Some of their "Drunk Jesus" t-shirts are still left over from the album release show, as well.

Track list:

1. Ghetto Machete
2. Beer I SIp
3. Seven
4. Beresith
5. Suicide Pit
6. Void
7. Lurker
8. Manifest Blasphemy

Released December 2012 via Under City Records.
Recorded February 25th & 26th at Wall To Wall Music Studios in Chicago, IL.
Engineered by Andrew Ragin & Frank Caruso.
Produced by Andrew Ragin & Beresith.
Mastered by Alan Douches & Mike Piacentini at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.