Friday, March 8, 2013

Stealin' The Farm Discography Now Available for Free Download/Stream via UCR

Stealin' The Farm is NW Indiana's premier Funk/Country Jam band. How on Earth these guys pull off jamming Funk and Country together is beyond me, but they do, and it is bad ass. Starting off with a good selection of Grateful Dead cover, Stealin' has been rockin' the region since 2007. Over the Past few years, the band has been dialing in their massive live sound as well as finding and developing one hell of a groove. Whether you have stepped outside, or are inside with a brew in your hand, if you are not bobbing your head to full blown sounds of Stealin' The Farm, you're a punk ass.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Blood In Blood Out - "Respect Our Loyalty" - Midwest Hardcore

"Respect Our Loyalty" is the hardcore album that sounds like, and says, everything that so many bands have tried to imitate since its release in 2005. This album shows Blood In Blood Out at its best. Don't get me wrong, every track on the first album, "No One Conquers Who Doesn't Fight", is killer. But This album wields a much more matured, and harder hitting sound than BIBO has ever done before it. The title track, "Respect Our Loyalty", hits fast, and hits hard as hell. The lyrical theme, as well as the music, displays a powerful level of aggression that demands attention. "So fuck you. Never once did you care. It makes me sick because that's all that I did was care 'cause this is all that I got. And I never turned my fucking back." One cannot help but to remain enthralled in the sheer intensity of this song. This is probably why so many hardcore bands have tried to find theirs by ripping this one off. "Alone" quickly follows-up with just as much anger and force. The lyrics depict what it is like to live a life without someone who was once so close. "A life without you. Without you all I think about is the end, and nothing more. A life without you." The music is perfectly fitting with the anger and the frustration illustrated by the lyrics. "This Fight We Fought" is about not backing down. It is about not putting up with bullshit by taking a stand. "You come around and we should just bow but we won't so fuck you." As per usual of BIBO, this song is hard as fuck. The rest of the album is damn near just as intense as these first three songs; with dive-bombs, d-beats, and a good balance of enlightenment and hatred. The lyrics of "Who Crowned You King" justify this balance: "We both know, in this scene - Negativity gets us nowhere." Still, there is a reason why the band usually only plays the first three songs from this album live. The whole thing STILL rules, and will still continue to rule as it is "THE" classic example of what makes Midwest Hardcore the most rowdy and loyal family of scumbags, ever. To finish, a quote from the title track:

"There's others like us out in the world that don't fit in but continue on. We're not the toughest, we don't claim to be, but we've got loyalty."

released 01 January 2005
Spook City Records